Welcome, my name is David Xia

About Me

As you probably already know by now, my name is David Xia. I am a web/mobile designer and developer, skilled at creating graphics, located in Toronto, Canada.

As I am primarily focussed on the front-end side of web development, I have had experience creating responsive websites (this one, for example) and mobile web applications. I also have plenty of expertise working with Android and iOS applications. Javascript and Java are my main tools, but never fear, I am knowledgeable in a variety of other languages as well and can learn more quickly. I enjoy working through and solving tough problems, so if you have a coding challenge, I'll take it on! (Will do sudokus as well)


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Android & iOS game

Created a game somewhat similar to Tetris, but with a twist!

Used a Java-based framework called libGDX to deploy both the Android and iOS versions of the game.


Web-based Sketchpad

Built a sketchpad for the web using the Javascript Canvas API.

Used Node.js and webpack to manage all the dependencies and build the static web page.


Mobile Web Application

Developed a mobile web application with jQuery Mobile as an alternative to KnowRoaming's Android and iOS apps.

The web application is also being used as a temporary solution for Windows Phones, BlackBerry devices and iPads, which all do not currently have native versions of the app.

Designed the University of Waterloo's AFSA crest, as well as a responsive theme for the Wordpress-based website.

Created a Google Calendar widget for the main page and a rotating banner displaying the ten most recents tweets from AFSA's Twitter account.


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Fancy some code?

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